Prima Analytics

Predictive analysis insurance platform

Prima Analytics

Prima Analytics is the predictive analysis platform designed especially for the insurance sector. A true data mining and analysis solution serving the needs of insurance companies, Prima Analytics gives meaning to your management data to make it easier for you to make strategic and operational decisions.

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Prima Analytics

Insurance analysis and reporting software

Whether you are a CEO, head of marketing, a branch manager, an actuary, or involved with reporting, Prima Analytics lets you analyze your data, manage your business, and carry out scoring and segmentation.  Prima Analytics uses science and technology to measure the marketing, financial, and commercial impact of your activities and reevaluate scope periodically through your product lifecycle.

      1. Predefined analyses

        Prima Analytics allows you to analyze even the finest level of data (drill down to purchases, claims, or terminations). You can configure your analyses to help manage (technical and financial results) and monitor your business (geographical distribution).
      2. Portfolio segmentation for better customer follow-up

        Policyholder loyalty is rooted in knowledge. Getting to know your customers better will help you segment different types of policyholders, risks, and claims. Prima Analytics also helps you identify unusual cases and areas of high loss so that you can better estimate the impact of policy changes.
      3. Clear view of performance indicators

        With Prima Analytics, you’ll be able to represent complex data sets more simply, informatively, and instructively. You can increase your areas of analysis, vary your types of graphs, test different views, compare years, and dynamically drill down into your data so that your management data makes sense and helps you make better decisions.
      4. 360° view of the policyholder

        Prima Analytics connects to all of your information systems. All data related to your policyholders can be fed back into the platform to give you crucial information about your various business areas, without bringing down the performance of your management tools (replicated database). Prima Analytics is compatible with all Prima Solutions software, allowing you to manage data more efficiently.