Aréas Assurances

Aréas Assurances is an independent group composed of the mutual insurance companies Aréas Dommages and Aréas Vie. The group represents the 7th largest network of insurance agents in France, with a strong presence throughout the country. The group is also a member of the AAM (Association Mutual Insurance Companies) and ROAM (Meeting of Mutual Insurance Organizations) and is one of the top mutual insurance companies in France.

Initially using Prima Compliance (formerly Assuretat) to comply with Solvency 1 regulations, Aréas is once again trusting Prima Solutions with its Solvency 2 reporting. The Solvency 2 reform has significantly increased the workload for teams responsible for reporting, and it is essential to use the right solution for the job. Aréas Assurances chose to adopt the latest version of Prima Compliance to improve the efficiency of its reporting and comply with the new challenges introduced by Solvency 2.

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