webinar reinsurance

🗃️ As a reinsurance manager, accounting manager or IT director, you may very well be confident in your internal software or even spreadsheet files you’ve been relying on for years. 

😰 But you’re struggling to handle multiple data sources and need hours to validate a formula or change a detail in a contract?

Fill in this form to access the replay of our webinar and discover 3 levers to streamline and to improve your operations with Prima XL the cloud-based reinsurance software:

  • Centralise all the information (treaties and facultative policies, claims, incidents, technical data, accounting data, …)
  • Automate your technical accounts production for seamless and accurate invoices generation
  • Analyze all data in turnkey and customizable dynamic reports to track your balance sheet and income statement

By watching this webinar replay, you will know what it takes to up your reinsurance game  💪