Integration of newreinsurance portfolios

New reinsurance portfolios can be integrated throughout an insurer’s value chain, such as after acquiring a new subsidiary, after adding a grantor outside of the group’s current platform, or in the event of a runoff portfolio.

Practiced increasingly more often by insurance companies, it should be possible to integrate a reinsurance portfolio quickly, despite the complexity of the operation. From complex technical accounting calculations to portfolio monitoring, all affected actions need to be optimized and streamlined to help insurers become more competitive.

To be more efficient,you need to

  1. Streamline your portfolio management

    You need to optimize the time you spend on all your portfolio management actions. By grouping all of your grantors within a single tool, you can pool the time spend on each part of the management process.
  2. Minimize your reinsurance costs

    By grouping or integrating new portfolios, you can quickly enjoy economies of scale to minimize the overall cost of your reinsurance management. With a reinsurance management platform, you can keep track of all of your policies and operations. No more uncollected payments.
  3. Limit your operating risks

    A transferred or newly integrated portfolio generates operating risks from taking on the administrative and technical management of the associated policies. Avoid these risks by adopting the appropriate processes, like recovering the claim/policy history, defining the target organization, and setting up technical and administrative management procedures.
  4. Maximize your run-off

    Portfolio run-offs allow you, as an insurer, to reduce your exposure to risks and generate value with new run-off portfolios. Manage these portfolios effectively with the right tool so that you can deal with the challenges presented by runoffs, such as recovering data and history, managing run-off claims, and setting up the appropriate management processes.

What you need

A technological partner with expertise in quickly integrating new reinsurance portfolios to help you become more competitive in managing your reinsurance.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.