Optimizing reinsurance cessions and acceptations

In a rapidly changing market, operations are increasing among the ever-concentrated world of mutual companies, insurers, and reinsurers. Reinsurance cessions are central concerns for insurance companies constantly looking to offset a portion of their risk to reinsurers.

At the same time, reinsurance operations are becoming increasingly complex due to the assumption of risks that never stop growing bigger and more varied. For insurers and reinsurers that cede or accept a portion of such risks, the stakes can range from business development, technical support, and financial solidarity to the circulation of equity capital among companies, requiring ever more time and expertise.

To optimize yourcessions and acceptations,you need to

  1. Secure and issue your slips

    Many reinsurance departments are still using manual processes or Excel files to issue cession slips, which presents a major risk of error and subsequent losses. Optimize your operations by issuing and securing your slips within a single management platform.
  2. Confirm the proper implementation of your treaties

    Consistency between inputted cession and acceptation treaties and the validated reinsurance program is crucial for the success of your business. Test your cession and acceptation calculations quickly and easily by preconfiguring the functional checks you want in a powerful calculation engine. By automating these checks, you ensure that all the calculation-related terms of the contract will be applied.
  3. Monitor your Solvency 2 margin

    Under Solvency 2, cessions and acceptations have a real impact on the regulatory margin requirement because reinsurance limits the liquidity needs of insurers. A dedicated application should help you identify and highlight these ratios in the blink of an eye.
  4. Improve your net income

    By generating your reinsurance statement and profit and loss statement in the same tool, you draw attention to certain risks thanks to detailed reporting. Your cessions are optimized, helping to boost your net income.
  5. Lower your operating risks

    When all of your cession processes are automated and centralized within the same tool, you limit your operating risks, including internal procedures, human error, bad backups, archiving, and more. Your operations become streamlined and more secure, allowing you to focus on your core business.

What you need

A technological partner with expertise in making your entire cession and acceptation process easier and more secure, from the calculation of ratios to the issuance of your slips.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.