Prima Compliance

(formerly Assuretat + Ooliba)

Cloud Platform for Managing Regulatory Compliance

Prima Compliance

Prima Compliance (formerly Assuretat + Ooliba) is the cloud platform that lets you internalize all of your compliance processes to satisfy Europe’s Solvency II directive.

Combining actuarial calculations (Solvency II Pillar 1) and internal regulatory reporting at the national and European levels (Solvency II Pillar 3), Prima Compliance is a secure, all-in-one solution that is always compliant with Solvency II regulations.

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Prima Compliance

Actuarial calculations
Regulatory reporting

Actuarial calculations

To easily perform your risk and solvency calculations internally

Prima Compliance (formerly Assuretat + Ooliba) is the solution for generating, simulating, and calculating all of your SCR and MCR ratios required by the Solvency II regulation (Pillar 1). Simple and easy to use, the actuarial calculation module in Prima Compliance gives you peace of mind when it comes to compliance with European regulatory compliance.

      1. Flexibility

        An expansive library of calculation models is available, including the SCR/MCR standard formula (counterpart default, disaster, market, and risk margin), triangle projection, annuities, long-term care, life, funeral, Best Estimates, and ORSA.
      2. Transparency

        Comprised of models and a calculation engine, the actuarial calculation module in Prima Compliance calculates your SCR and MCR data with full transparency. You have access to the models used, and you perform all the calculations you want while maintaining the data sets for each one.
      3. Traceability

        For every calculation, the system saves all input and output data, the model version, and name of users to run and load data.  With the systematic saving of all calculation parameters combined with workflows and versioning, you can track down the data used to produce a given result with just a few clicks. You can also re-run the calculation under the same integration conditions.
      4. Integration

        All results are automatically shared with the Prima Compliance regulatory reporting module for the production of Pillar 3 SCR/MCR reports.

Prima Compliance

Actuarial calculations
Regulatory reporting

Regulatory reporting

The business platform for regulatory compliance for insurance companies

The Prima Compliance Regulatory Reporting module (formerly Assuretat + Ooliba) is the benchmark solution allowing insurance professionals to perform national (ENS), European (Solvency II Pillar 3), and internal regulatory reporting. Available in the cloud and equipped with a reliable audit trail, this platform automates reporting and ensures that data is traceable and auditable.

  1. Compliance guarantee

    Experts for more than 30 years in regulatory compliance for insurance professionals, we offer the go-to solution in the business and systematically follow changes in regulatory requirements.
  2. Auditability

    Prima Compliance is natively designed to meet regulatory requirements for traceability and auditability.
  3. Data quality

    Prima Compliance (formerly Assuretat + OOliba) checks and optimizes data quality through its robust datamart and automatically generates regulatory reports for your business activities.
  4. Time savings

    Prima Compliance automates every step in the production of your reporting. Error risks are limited, and your teams can focus on their core business.
  5. Flexibility

    Prima Compliance adapts to changing requirements as a highly customizable solution with varying degrees of adaptability and sophistication.
  6. Autonomy

    The exceptional business expertise of our support teams helps you quickly get up to speed with using Prima Compliance.