Marketing P&C insurance products

The world of P&C insurance is rapidly changing with the emergence of new, highly agile players selling P&C insurance products. The ability of insurtech to quickly roll out innovative products and respond to the up-to-the-minute needs of policyholders makes these innovators highly competitive with traditional risk bearers.

Traditional companies face a serious challenge in advancing their digital transformation strategy in order to maintain and increase their market share.

To remaincompetitive,you want:

  1. 360° policy management

    From distribution and policy administration to claims management and financial management, all aspects of the lifecycle of your P&C policies are important and require the best possible management. This versatility and thoroughness improve the quality of your customer service and—ultimately—your positioning.
  2. Flexibility and innovation

    Keeping a finger on the pulse of new policyholder needs can help you adapt to innovative P&C insurance products. Move with the market by managing your products (auto, home, affinity, corporate fleets, on-demand/usage-based insurance, etc.) quickly and consistently and by integrating them side by side to remain innovative far into the future.
  3. Speed up your go to market

    Keeping your business teams separate from your internal IT teams is a major asset for going to market quickly with your new P&C insurance products. By reducing interdependence, you gain autonomy and efficiency.
  4. Automation

    By choosing to automate a number of P&C insurance policy management tasks, you can help your teams become more productive and focus on tasks with higher added value. Lower your technical ratio and improve the service you provide to your customers.
  5. Optimized customer experience

    Putting the user in control with an intuitive, user-friendly customer experience (underwriting, online claims reporting, automatic compensation, etc.) is a good way to improve your customer relationships and build loyalty among your policyholders. After all, the interface you provide for them is the main window into your organization.
  6. Simplified compliance

    Regulatory requirements for P&C insurance are constantly changing (IRSA, IRCA, PAOS, IRSI, CIDECOP, etc.), and adopting the many agreements can prove cumbersome. Optimizing your claims management processes allows you to focus on what is important: your core business as an insurer and the growth of your organization.
  7. A protected cash flow

    With the rise of paperless claims management and reporting, your operational and financial security depends on your ability to detect fraud through systematic verification processes. All of your accounting (collections, compensation, and recovery) must be both automated and tracked to protect your cash flow.

What you need

A comprehensive, integrable, and modular 360° solution that enables you to speed up your digital transformation strategy and market your P&C insurance products.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.