Prima Pilot

The Automation Software for Insurance Operations

Prima Pilot

Prima Pilot is the all-new workstation for insurance managers. This crossfunctional software allows you to automate incoming operations from multiple management tools (policies, claims, reinsurance, etc.), keep business flowing smoothly, and maintain customer satisfaction.

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Prima Pilot

Improve your operational efficiency

Prima Pilot provides insurance managers with the full range of functionalities for conducting and monitoring their activities, such as processing claims, setting work priorities, email, interactions between departments, electronic file management, tracking and traceability, approving and supervising user management operations, and handling management activities.

  1. Crossfunctional integration with your management systems

    By connecting Prima P&C, Prima L&H, Prima XL (formerly WebXL), or any other insurance or reinsurance management system, you can consolidate your tasks and distribute work automatically among your managers.
  2. Streamlined processes

    Streamline your processes for handling claims, investigations, follow-ups, and claim validations.
  3. Lower operating costs

    Your operating costs will be lower thanks to the simplified organization and prioritization of your teams’ work.
  4. Single file view

    With all the information from your management systems consolidated in one place, you get a single, common view of each file. Also, because the system is connected to an EDM, you have easy access to all your incoming and outgoing paperless documents.
  5. Management tools

    Your managers will have tools for managing the activities of the department and company, tailored to their job and business sector, providing them with an overview and manager-specific view of current and pending actions.
  6. Customer satisfaction

    Equipped with the best possible management of customer files at all stages and guaranteed business continuity, you will keep your customers satisfied day after day.