Quickly launch new insurance products

Digital innovations are transforming consumer habits and needs. These days, policyholders expect to be able to buy insurance quickly and easily online. Insurers need to be capable of launching new tailored insurance products (IoT, pay-as-you-go, etc.) quickly.

Competition is heating up in this sector, a space shared both by long-standing players undergoing a digital transformation and by extremely agile newcomers from the world of insurtech.

To remaincompetitive,you want to:

  1. Go to market quickly

    Be responsive in rolling out new insurance products to evolve with the changing needs of the market, meeting new consumer expectations and addressing the new types of risks that are emerging.
  2. Allow autonomy for business teams

    Ideally, a business team launching new insurance products can work independently, without having to go through their PM and internal IT teams to plan their agenda, extend their activities, and boost their efficiency.
  3. Fine tune what you offer

    Having a fully customizable and flexible tool that can be used to manage all types of new products in the same way is a serious advantage in terms of process standardization and operational efficiency.
  4. Improve the UX and UI

    Ease of access, purchase, and use are must-haves for the user experience of prospects and customers, in a commercial environment where customer expectations have grown considerably.
  5. Multi-channel and digital

    From underwriting to claims management, all indications are that it is increasingly more common for insurance customers to use multiple channels, combining both the physical channel (i.e. mail, point of sale, agency, etc.) and digital channels (i.e. web, mobile, etc.) along the way.

What you need

A technological partner who is an expert in solutions to help insurers roll out innovative products.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.