Integrating supplemental insurance benefits

Traditional methods of offering financial indemnification in return for paid premiums are no longer sufficient to meet the growing needs of policyholders, leading to the growing popularity of supplemental insurance benefits (home care providers, transportation solutions, and leasing of spare items).

Integrating these new benefits and partner service providers presents an operational and technological challenge, subject to significant variability due to changing technology, medicine, and regulations.

To remaineffective,you want to:

  1. Go to market quickly

    You need to be able to go to market with new benefits in record time to keep up with the new expectations of customers, facing new emerging risks and possible service solutions (loss of autonomy, home care providers, transportation assistance, etc.).
  2. Fine tune what you offer

    Offer fully-customizable technological solutions, which allow you to manage your traditional insurance products and your supplemental benefits in the same way, all in one place. Standardized processes provide a major boost for the operational efficiency of your managers.
  3. Integrate with partners

    It is vital to communicate in real time with your network of partners who will perform the services outlined in your offering. Such communication allows you to respond promptly with a top-quality benefit when policyholders find themselves in need of an immediate solution, so it is important for systems to be connected and integrated as best as possible.
  4. Be user friendly

    Policyholders need to be able to report a claim from anywhere and at any time, to gain access to the benefits they urgently need. Customers will immediately appreciate the attention you give to making your services easy to access and your user interfaces intuitive and will recognize it as an added value.
  5.  Protect your cash flow

    Between your traditional insurance packages and your supplemental benefits, your cash flow will grow and become more complex. You can protect your cash flow by automating, tracking, and optimizing the collection of premiums, the settlement.

What you need

A technological partner who is an expert in 360° management solutions for mixed offerings of health and provident insurance and supplemental benefits.