Corporate fleets management

Businesses are major consumers of insurance products. They need different types of coverage to suit their line of business and their risks. One of the most popular is B2B insurance for corporate fleets.

Automobile fleets are the first to come to mind, but B2B insurance can provide coverage for a broad range of assets, including real estate, mobile phones, computer equipment, and more. By targeting businesses, insurers can tap into the tremendous growth potential of the B2B market.

To remainattractive,you want:

  1. Simplicity and responsiveness

    Insured businesses need to be able to report a claim from anywhere and at any time, to be compensated quickly and protect their cash flow. How quickly you can process claims combined with the accessibility and usability of your user interfaces are key differentiators for maximizing customer satisfaction.
  2. Go to market quickly

    You can streamline your business by providing your insurance solutions for corporate fleets completely online, with support for multiple products and multiple channels. This will enable you to adapt quickly to the changing needs of businesses, and for instance accommodation to all types of vehicle fleets, including commercial vehicles, utility vehicles, construction equipment, large trucks, and trailers.
  3. Fine tune what you offer

    Given the diversity of insurable business fleets, you need to be able to handle all types of insurance, including automobile insurance and property insurance, along with the various products within these categories, such as glass, civil liability, and fire coverage. Having a fully customizable, all-in-one management tool lets you standardize your process and manage your insurance policies more efficiently.
  4. 360° vision and connectivity

    You can track your entire fleet using the lightning fast connection between your insured fleets and your computer systems, delivering data and reports in real time. Maintenance alerts and in-depth risk analyses also help provide a quick overview of your fleet’s performance.
  5. Cybersecurity and compliance

    Protecting the personal data of the employees of insured businesses is a major challenge. Insurers can offer anonymous analyses to help insured parties to map out their risks and lower the accident rate for their property and employees.

What you need

A technological partner offering a full range of B2B insurance solutions tailored to the coverage of corporate fleets.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.