Usage-based insurance

In recent years, innovations in the collaborative economy, such as ride-sharing and seasonal rentals between individuals, have given rise to growing needs, particularly in terms of usage-based insurance.

Insurers today must be able to support offers and services suited to the new digital consumption habits of policyholders. This requires the ability to issue short-lived, tailored usage-based insurance policies.

To remaininnovative,you want:

    1. Insight into future trends

      New types of risks and the new consumption habits of policyholders require new products to be developed to keep up with these needs. These days, offering usage-based or behavior-based options is essential.
    2. Total system flexibility

      To run with the most agile players in the insurance sector, your tools must allow you to manage the new products you launch, like the many short-lived and very short-term insurance policies, commonly found in usage-based insurance. You need to be able to seamlessly handle the speed and volume challenges this implies.
    3. Automation and added value

      Automating tasks involving the growing number of usage-based insurance policies frees up time for your managers, letting them focus on higher value-added tasks. Their productivity soars.
    4. Multichannel approach

      The multichannel model is now the most popular, and user interactions are increasing, with continuously higher expectations for speed, fluidity, and simplicity.
    5. Digitization

      Keep up with market and business trends with a digitized user experience by integrating innovative technologies (teleconsultation, smart contracts) and modernizing information systems.

What you need

A technological partner who is an expert in usage-based insurance to proactively and innovatively address changes affecting your insurance business.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.