Data-driven performance management

To stand out in a competitive, highly regulated market, insurers must have reliable indicators and speed up their decision-making. Insurance companies must rely on this management data to establish forecasts and other analyses, set up agile, continuous management of their activities, define their strategic plans and evaluate their operational applications.

To manage your businesseffectively with data,you want to:

  1. Utilize your management data

    It is important to give meaning to your data, even data from different sources, at all levels and areas (claims, production, risks, customers, etc.). Data must be analyzed in real time to keep up with rapid changes in the market.
  2. Track your key indicators

    Indicators are plentiful and varied. Whether for accounting and budgetary control, stress tests and other simulations, ORSA, monitoring solvency and capital obligations, or profit centers, you need reliable, high quality data for effective performance management.
  3. View your data

    With a graphical view of your data, you can organize and explore the data to draw relevant conclusions and develop statements that are immediate understandable and distributable to diverse audiences.
  4. Inform other departments

    The effective use of your management data is not an end in itself. It is also important to keep the other departments within your company periodically informed through clear indicators on technical, marketing, and strategic issues that involve them.

What you need

A technological partner with expertise in Business Intelligence and predictive analysis platforms for the insurance sector.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.