Prima P&C for Policy

Intuitive underwriting management

With a robust set of features designed for both personal and commercial lines, Prima Policy for P&C gives insurers the ability to manage the entire insurance lifecycle across multiple products from a single platform.

Take advantage of powerful digital capabilities to reduce process cycle times and costs across your insurance operations and allow workflow automation and a powerful rules engine to eliminate redundant tasks and reduce data entry errors. Respond faster to market demands and increase your competitive edge by creating, testing, and launching new personal and commercial insurance products rapidly by using easily configured and reusable library components, processes, and workflows.

100% configurable

Management of policies and their lifecycle in a single application through an intuitive and configurable interface.
Customer management of product configuration to improve the Time to Market.

Automation of your operations to manage your decisions

Automation of low value added operations, task assignments, and other low-complexity processes.Interconnectable white label with B2B partners through web services, deployable for French products and international markets

Prima P&C for Claims

Productivity gains

A new generation of claims management, Prima Claims for P&C automates all claims management for property and casualty insurance. Prima Claims for P&C offers simplified management and complete control of processes, from reporting to settlement, and natively includes all participants, from the policyholder to the appraiser. Incorporating all DARVA-certified and French conventions by standard, Prima Claims™ allows risk bearers to offer quality services and reduce their combined ratio.
Automated management of claims with automatic calculations of reserves and compensation 80% of claims handled by a phone call
Up to 60% increase in the number of claims handled by each manager

Native support of all French conventions and DARVA certification

Integrated and automatic management of French conventions: IDA, IRSA, Cidre, and Dinthilhac. DARVA-certified and “IRSA” (Indemnisation directe de l’assuré et de Recours entre Sociétés d’Assurance automobile) and “IRCA” (Indemnisation et Recours Corporel Automobile) approved, in cooperation with DARVA on the Sinapps project.

Unique customer experience with a complete selfcare space

Automated online claims reporting by the policyholder

Easily integrated

Easily integrated into contract management systems using web services with possible integration into multiple policy databases simultaneously.

Prima P&C for Billing

Flexible payment options

Prima Billing for P&C centralizes account-based view of all financial transactions, from underwriting to claims management.
Flexible payment options and mobile pay capability complete with native DSS PCI certification Complete end-to-end two-way audit trail and robust accounting system interface capabilities Automated recovery of receivables with a configurable reminder schedule; follow-ups by regular mail, email, and text message, reminders and terminations by registered mail

Native integration

Native integration with credit card payment platforms: single pay or recurring credit card payment complete with DSS PCI security standards certification

100% traceability

Automatic feeding of your accounting software.
Assured traceability of all transactions to easily meet audit needs, including Solvency II