Paris, France – April 26th, 2022: Prima Solutions, a software provider for insurance and reinsurance professionals, has appointed Nathalie Blassel to the role of Group Quality Director. Blassel is now in charge of the Group’s quality policy, as well as the coordination and management of processes for the entire Prima Solutions software offering. Nathalie Blassel has also joined the Prima Solutions executive committee.

Blassel has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance software sector, both in France and internationally. She oversaw DXC’s transformation and optimization programs for health, life, and savings insurance systems on behalf of major insurers such as Aviva, Axa Wealth Services, and Malakoff Humanis.

In 2020, Nathalie Blassel joined Prima Solutions as Consulting Director for Prima L&H, where she successfully piloted strategic digital transformation programs for a number of clients. She has specifically contributed to the improvement of team processes and relationships in France and Canada. Drawing on her experience in other companies, she was able to assess the true quality of deliverables at Prima Solutions and identify areas for improvement.

Controlling the quality of the Prima Solutions software offering is an important issue for the company because it makes it possible to streamline processes, accelerate implementation and versioning projects, and improve customer satisfaction. Nathalie Blassel’s experience leading large-scale digital transformation projects is a significant asset for Prima Solutions, who has always prioritized quality in its strategy.

Since joining Prima Solutions two years ago, I’ve seen the importance placed on quality in all aspects of the company, from R&D to customer support and project management. My goal is to coordinate best practices across the group’s entities and highlight this commitment, particularly by introducing a ‘Quality by design’ approach that places quality at the heart of each new project’s design and planning. I am excited to start unifying quality processes because I know I can count on the active collaboration of the Prima Solutions teams,” says Nathalie Blassel.

Hugues Delannoy, President of Prima Solutions, states “I am delighted that Nathalie has coordinated and aligned all of the quality initiatives within Prima Solutions. Indeed, since our inception in 2019, we have steadily established ourselves as the market’s go-to company for insurance and reinsurance software packages. That’s why we must maintain an unrivaled quality approach. This issue is thus inherent in our development, as evidenced by the major digital transformation projects in which we have recently been involved, both among market leaders and with smaller structures. The long-term relationship of trust we’ve built with the majority of our customers reflects this.”