Paris (France), January 22, 2021 – Prima Solutions, a global insurtech group for insurance and reinsurance professionals, announces the launch of version 9.7 of its management software, Prima Pilot. Prima Pilot is a crossfunctional, cloud-based software that reduces management costs by automating incoming operational data from different insurance company management tools. This new version distributes activities among managers more intelligently and encourages integration with the insurance company’s information system.

“Prima Pilot is one of the great successes that came out of the online Users’ Club that Prima Solutions held last November. It confirmed the interest of our customers who are currently looking for advanced, connected technological solutions for their information system, to seamlessly manage their day-to-day activities and improve policyholder satisfaction while lowering management costs,” says Hugues Delannoy, President of Prima Solutions.

Connected via APIs to various Prima Solutions software platforms or any other insurance or reinsurance management system in the customer’s IT environment, Prima Pilot consolidates and coordinates all management activities and automatically allocates them intelligently among the managers.

Increasingly more open and integrated into the insurance company’s management system

With Prima Pilot 9.7, the Prima Pilot management screens are built in and can be accessed directly from Prima P&C. Managers enjoy a full comprehensive view of the status of their activities at a glance, from the convenience of their management tool.

A new management screen for managers

The Prima Pilot control screen has been reorganized to support and display a very large number of activity types and users. There are two views available to managers: a global view of all domains and users and a more detailed, drill-down view of one domain or user.

Equitable distribution and overcapacity management thanks to a powerful, configurable algorithm

The smart, automatic allocation of activities among managers is one of the core concepts of this software. Distribution is now based on a so-called equitable principle. This means that activities are allocated by an algorithm based on the user’s capacity. A manager with a greater capacity—depending on their availability and the complexity and expertise required for the activity—will have more to do. Also, to make up for temporary or seasonal peaks in activity, Prima Pilot can go beyond the initial capacity and process allocations in overcapacity mode.