Designed as an analysis tool to lay the emphasis on the French innovation software’s vendors sector, this survey has been produced for the 8th time. And this year, Prima Solutions headed the 81th rank and joined the TOP 100!

Made by the consulting firm EY (Ernst & Young) and the Syntec Numérique (most important professional union of the French numerical ecosystem) ; it seems that economics performances and international challenges might be the determining criterions.

The Software’s vendors sector is economically healthy

The results of this survey shine a light on the favorable economical context of the sector:

  • An exponential growth (12% between 2017 and 2016 ; 85% of the software’s vendors seen in this survey are in economical growth)
  • Thousands of employment have been created (more than 10 000 jobs created in France over two years)

Innovation : key element for the software’s vendors

In order to initiate or conclude their technological transformation, like the SaaS (Software as a service) and the Cloud mode, innovation is one of the main priorities for a lots of software’s vendors. And that’s what Prima Solutions succeed in.