This new identity comes alongside corporate developments and affirms the group’s commitment to helping insurance companies go digital more quickly.

Paris – January 21, 2020. Prima Solutions, the leading French insurtech group for insurance and reinsurance professionals, unveiled its new brand identity today. Home to a range of specialized solutions for insurance and reinsurance, the group chose to modernize its logo for a more digital look and feel to mark its development and also unveils the alignment of brands and logos within its software suite.

“With Prima Solutions, insurers have resources at their fingertips, along with the combined strength of the legion of entities that make up the group today. That’s what we want to express with this strong new brand identity, which is also resolutely modern and digital,” said Hugues Delannoy, Executive President of Prima Solutions.

“The stylized P and S intertwined in the new Prima Solutions logo symbolize the partnership we want to develop with our customers over the long term, as well as the power of combined software suite fully designed for the life and non-life insurance sector,” said Julien Victor, CEO of Prima Solutions.

With the alignment of brands and logos within the Prima Solutions software suite, the WebXL reinsurance management platform has been rebranded as Prima XL. In addition, Assuretat, the benchmark Solvency 2 regulatory reporting solution, has been integrated with Ooliba to cover Pillars 1 and 3 of Solvency 2 under the name Prima Compliance.

The software suite also includes three new solutions:

  • Prima Pilot: software for managing your insurance activities to help manager teams increase their operational efficiency
  • Prima Hub: customer data repository for the Prima Solutions software suite
  • Prima Connect: library of connectors and communication tools for interfacing the Prima Solutions software suite with the IT ecosystem of your customer and their partners

Now, our prospects and customers can learn about all we offer for the insurance sector and understand how this modular offering can meet their specific needs for innovation, modernization, or replatforming their information systems.

The Prima Solutions software suite is built around three main themes:

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About Prima Solutions

Global insurtech group and key player in insurance in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific, Prima Solutions designs software for insurance and reinsurance professionals, covering all business processes in the life insurance, health insurance (for groups and individuals), non-life insurance, and reinsurance sectors.

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