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Paris, France – May 4th, 2022: Prima Solutions, a software provider for insurance and reinsurance professionals, announces the launch of all of its Prima P&C customers signed since 2018. About a dozen insurance companies, most of which are in the top 20 of the French market, rely on the Prima P&C cloud platform to launch new P&C offers and/or manage claims on a daily basis.

The software’s implementation within these companies necessitated the concurrent management of multiple large-scale projects spread out over several months—if not years. The Prima Solutions teams were able to demonstrate the breadth of their capabilities on all of these projects, which were all carried out using agile methodology. Whether it was a total overhaul of the information system (policies and claims) or more targeted projects such as accelerating the time-to-market for the launch of new innovative insurance offers, regardless of the legacy IS, deadline management and the business expertise of the Prima Solutions teams played a critical role. Stakeholder flexibility has also been a strategic point, particularly during the pandemic, when interactions with insurers has grown increasingly less frequent.

This success is also a market success, as all of the actors involved in the insurance organizations have demonstrated professionalism and resilience. In view of the pandemic, these successes demonstrate that it is possible to launch and implement ambitious projects that shake up internal developments, some of which are more than 30 years old!

Furthermore, by emphasizing strict adherence to the standard rather than adapting its software to the processes that its customers already had in place, Prima Solutions has been able to take part in managed projects, configure features already proven by other customers, and build upon experience gained over the years. Over the last four years, successive production releases have made it possible to deploy new versions of Prima P&C more quickly.

We are seeing two main scenarios,” explains Frédéric Dutreuil, Product Strategy Director at Prima Solutions. “Some insurance companies and mutual insurance companies ask us to decommission their aging management systems and migrate their insurance portfolios to a more modern and scalable platform. Others are taking a more gradual approach, such as deploying a flexible and modular platform alongside their existing systems to develop new innovative products and reduce their time-to-market, or they unbundle historic mid-size portfolios housed on legacy systems to revitalize them.

In an environment where many IT projects are stalled, the fact that we were able to launch all of our Prima P&C customers from the past four years is remarkable. This demonstrates not only the relevance of our approach, the robustness of our technology, and the performance of our teams, but also the maturity of adoption by the market,” says Hugues Delannoy, President of Prima Solutions.These recent successes are critical because they instill confidence in decision-makers looking for a long-term solution to accelerate their company’s digital transformation.