version 9.10

Paris, January 13rd, 2022 – Prima Solutions, a global insurtech group for insurance and reinsurance professionals, announces the release of version 9.10 of its cloud-based P&C insurance product management and distribution platform, Prima P&C.

This new version, unveiled during its Users Club last November, is part of the company’s objective of offering the gold standard solution for managing P&C claims and contracts. Version 9.10 supports the management of appeals covering all business needs, and it incorporates the latest regulatory updates. Above all, it expands the possible interfaces for an ever more complete and efficient user experience for insurers and policyholders.

Appeals management covering all business needs

Version 9.10 of Prima P&C marks the completion of work to provide insurers with a complete financial summary of property and casualty claims management, covering all scenarios of appeals. Now, all options are integrated into the application and fully configurable by the user, including conventional and free appeals. On the same screen, the manager can also create and process disputes and escalation procedures for a 360° view of its claims summary.

An application that is open to the business ecosystem

Version 9.10 of Prima P&C interfaces with many solutions to provide a comprehensive user experience, along with a wide variety of microservices.

For this new version, the integration work mainly involves the cross-functional modules offered by Prima Solutions, such as Prima Selfcare, the fully configurable communication portal developed by the company to facilitate communication between insurers and policyholders. Through interface with Prima P&C, policyholders (including companies and individuals) can quote, purchase, and view their contracts managed in Prima P&C.

Prima P&C 9.10 is also open to third-party applications for increasingly more efficient management of P&C claims and contracts. “One of our most recent connectors is the interface with Monk, the artificial intelligence solution for visual inspections and assessments of vehicles,” says Hugues Delannoy.With its visual intelligence technology, Monk can detect, classify, analyze repairability, and assess damage, in order to direct the claim. This interface simplifies and speeds up the process for policyholders involved in a motor vehicle accident, and it improves the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and productivity of insurers. It’s truly revolutionary for this market!