Watch the speed demo dedicated to Prima Analytics, our cloud-based platform for insurance data segmentation, exploration, trends analysis and pricing simulations. 

Prima Analytics is a true decision making solution dedicated to the insurance market that allows you to improve data quality and to explore your risks to optimize your insurance portfolios and to improve the governance of your activities.

The demonstration was recorded on November, the 20th during our Digital Users Week. It will explore an automotive portfolio and demonstrate how you can:

  • cleanse data, manage variables and segmentations;
  • explore data with drill down features, conditional formatting and standard calculations within the insurance market;
  • create any graphical representation to explore claims while selecting views, variables, exclusions, etc.;
  • analyze trends, claims, KPIs, seasonal variations, etc.;
  • simulate prices changes and identify problematic segments thanks to as-if methods, elasticity, variables definition, etc.

In addition, we demonstrate the interface to Prima XL (our cloud-based platform for reinsurance management) and discover how Prima Analytics can manage reinsurance data (ceded premiums), loss ratio, technical margin by reinsurer, by LoB, by year… and all associated charts.

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