Prima Solutions Group, software publisher for insurance and reinsurance professionals, announces the release of version 9.4 of its Prima P&C platform.

Available in the cloud, the solution boasts new features for property and casualty insurance. The new version adds functions to manage fleet insurance and new features in its data mining module.

More independence for users in setting up new insurance products

“When updating version 9 of Prima P&C, we wanted to give more independence to users in creating new products so that they can more easily and quickly meet consumer expectations and preferences. This is a major breakthrough for business teams that will gain in speed and flexibility and reduce their time-to-market. They can freely configure all information related to insured risks as well as the entire customer journey, from the quote to issuance through the management of contracts and claims, without additional programming,” said Frédéric Dutreuil, Director Product Strategy & Innovation of Prima Solutions Group.

The new features provide more flexibility to configure products for both contract management and claims management.

Improved fleet management

Version 9.4 offers upgraded Fleet contract management. It makes fleet contracts offered to prospects more customizable, with more flexible features for claims deductibles, thresholds and ceilings.

Furthermore, users can easily manage several movements on the fleet: entries, exits and other movements, and the regularizations of associated contributions.

Redesign of the Data Mining module

The initial results of the complete redesign of the Prima Solutions data mining module are now available for Prima P&C customers.

The initial version lets users analyse claims data to assess loss experience and portfolios risk – through studies on loss experience, frequency and cost of claims, time management, and fraud prevention or detection. It also lets them work with contract data to assess the contract productivity through analysis of renewals and cancellations.