Paris, September 8, 2020 – Prima Solutions, a global insurtech group that designs software solutions for insurance and reinsurance professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, announces the release of version 9.6 of Prima P&C, its cloud-based P&C insurance product management and distribution platform. This new version features a major redesign of how Group policies and bodily injury claims are managed. It also more easily integrates Prima P&C into insurance company ecosystems with the development of a large API library. Prima P&C is natively connected by API to Prima Pilot, the new insurance business management software from Prima Solutions for implementing end-to-end controlled management processes.

“The pandemic is stepping up the digitalization of the insurance sector. Thanks to teleworking, cloud-based solutions, and public API-enabled software integration, insurers can continue operating in times of crisis. This reinforces our strategic vision for the solutions we develop for the insurance sector,” said Hugues Delannoy, President of Prima Solutions.

A major plan for a complete and unified Prima Solutions software suite

 In early 2019, following several strategic acquisitions, Prima Solutions launched an ambitious plan to redesign and standardize its management platforms, a plan that has been greatly accelerated in recent months. It has two key objectives: to standardize interfaces between solutions within the Prima Solutions software suite and to improve the usability of each solution for a better user experience. This extensive plan is at the heart of every new Prima Solutions software release and has already improved many applications, including Prima P&C.

The plan also includes the development of a large API library that makes it easier for solutions within the Prima Solutions software suite to integrate with each other and with the entire insurance company ecosystem. Prima Pilot, the new real-time insurance management software, natively integrates with products in the Prima Solutions software suite and all third-party management applications.

The Group policy lifecycle fully managed in Prima P&C

The new version of Prima P&C includes a new comprehensive module for managing Group policies, including automobile fleets and real estate holdings. This module now manages the entire lifecycle of policies independently, regardless of the number of policies or the type of organization.

An all-new way to manage pile-ups and personal injuries

Prima P&C’s full redesign of the management of pile-ups and personal injuries provides advanced intuitive comprehensive management for complex property and personal injury claims. Inspired by customer workshops, a brand new way of operating has emerged.

It is now possible to manage all phases of a personal injury claim within a single file. Injuries can easily be evaluated using a customizable engine to determine the provisioning when opening bodily injury sub-files, based on the victim’s injuries.

Finally, all vehicle reporting tunnels have been reviewed to simplify the opening and entry of claims for increased productivity and a better customer experience.