To gradually modernize your IS,you need to

  1. Deploy an innovative cloud platform alongside your IS

    Rather than undergoing a complete overhaul, it will be easier to develop a modern, flexible, and modular solution alongside your legacy system to gradually integrate your portfolios. A no-code platform will enable you to easily update and evolve your insurance products to meet your needs.
  2. Put your business teams back in control

    Your legacy system is maintained by technicians and experts who are becoming increasingly scarce, limiting your ability to respond to market changes. Using an innovative platform in conjunction with your legacy system will put your business teams back in control, restoring their autonomy through an intuitive, highly configurable interface. Your managers can also move quickly from your old system to the new one, preserving operational efficiency and reducing resistance to change.
  3. Enjoy proven, custom-tailored support

    You’ll control your deadlines and your budget by working with a team with experience in insurance digitalization projects. Our experts will use their experience from many successful projects—with structures of all sizes and across all insurance areas—to assist you in migrating your portfolios into a secure framework with proven processes.
  4. Gain access to an innovative ecosystem

    With new technologies, the insurance sector is seeing the emergence of an increasing number of services that are complementary to traditional insurance, which has contributed to higher expectations among policyholders. With a modern management platform, you can incorporate these cutting-edge solutions into your initial offering while remaining competitive.

Your need

A technological partner who understands your IT issues and has experience in managing gradual IS modernization projects in the insurance sector through portfolio migration.

Our teams remain at your disposal for a detailed demonstration or any further information on our solutions.